Saturday, June 30, 2012


When a doctor diagnoses "arthritis" it's more likely just the damage done by too many years of sugar intake on the joints. Mostly the painful inflammation we feel, that only gets worse with age is related to so much sugar taken in overtime, even unknowingly...everythimg from ketchup to starbux....

But powerful sugar industry would never stand for it. A word like sugaritis, or sucritis....

Tappan Zee Golden Eggs

136,000 cars travel over the Tappan Zee Bridge every day according to Thomas Madison Thruway Auth(?) So based on that...Roughly speaking of course...136,000 x $5 = $680,000 per day taken in tolls That multiplied by 365 days equals $248,200,000 a year....where does that money go and how is it divided up? $248.25 Million.

Larry Schwartz Cant Speak English...Tone Sums Up the Truth About Whats Happening...Nada More Than Wiseguys Looking for Business...

"Make the bridge fiscally responsible" In nineteen ninety second..." This guy Larry Schwartz is a tough guy block head appointed by Cuomo why? Its so white collar mafia its laughable...They cant even speak..

On air, at Tappan Zee Metting Brian Coneybear hands Thomas Madison a letter from the homeowners association, seems to take him by surprise, and he practrically rolls his stiff faced eyes...as if to say "What the hell am I gonna do with this germy piece of paper, doesnt even look at it for a second puts it down sort of AWAY, to the side from himself...the body languagae says it all...this is why stupid ppl resort to violence an dkilling...they're too empty to come up with anything else...

Dumb Black Woman vs Kniving Jewess

Transit Police Officer Deborah Moore was just a dumb, bitter, misguided, racist pig of a young woman on January eleventh in 1993. She beat me up in such a way, with blows to the head with her knee, the conceivably could have been deadly at a different angle.  Why wouldnt she want to apologize to me? Why instead would it simply be suggested to me that I move on..that I "get past it"? etc....and then 20 yrs later when I finally do...Jane Kartsch(who knew I had been traumatized by and beaten up severely by Moore) decides she needs to create a police report on me even tho we had not even communicated in anyway in 9 months. FACT.  This is the proof that she was trying to create a paper trail, no matter how misleading, full of lies, added to the mess I am not ALLOWED to crawl out of. THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE ECONOMY. From where coes the bullshit that a president is supposed to fix millions fo stupid ppl's lives with stroke of a wand every week? The only thing that pisses me off about Obama is that he killed Bin Laden...who I still dont fully believe was anything more than hired hollywood (just like Fidel Castro studying acting in LA the stories go, and who was the other big time patsy again? ALWAYS its money protecting itself that makes histpry...No offense meant to Castro...u know what I mean)...sugar cane sounds just like co cane....

Debbie and Janey. Stupidity and Greed...the rest of the world sees what I see...a wall st taken over my so many millions of truly dangerous, kill their own kids to make a buck type people , addicted to getting layed with the freshest ppussy in town and getting away with it like pirates lol? Liek Vampires lol? No. Like average typical normal authoritarian bowing church going for the scene..peeps.

He had everything and wanted nothing. He learned that he had nothing and wanted everything. He saved the world and then it shattered. The path to enlightenment is as sharp and narrow as a razor's edge.  (maughm?)

Obama Smart Republicans Desperate

The timing of Obama's health care win is so brilliantly placed, right after an as good as it gets addressing of immigration....Romney looks like he spends most of his time making sure he looks good, because he obviously is trying to hard to play tennis with Obama's news....He says absoultely nothing in 4 sentences every press conference...all so staged...Clinton won the first time I believe because people (who mattered and got it done anyway) appreciated that much the documentary film the put out War Room...how we laughed when the shortest sentaor was having his make up done..they looked like clowns..and we all in the theatre together felt a kind of relief to understand what was wrong...so easy to laugh at, juts as easy to fix...or was it? Yes! It was so fixed that again the desperate republucans who always show up with their dicks blaring had to bring on a stolen election AND another war 10 yrs now.....alonh with the wall st mafia....it could only get better if a lot of soul - less people suddenly care....and have it all back on track...eye of the needle is always there I guess?

Medicaid Expansion FL OH PA CO?

Flopacoh sounds like Pepsico. No one has any idea what a New Way of LOOKING at Healthcare may bring...but these republican politicians are determined to soemhow make it as unpopular as possible...I'd like to see Colarado Springs argue FEMA and Medicaid arent the same damn thing...I heard somewhere in the news, something about Colombian Gov yesterday legalizing personal drug use to some degree...the concept had this resonance to it that reminded me of how different fighting for freedom looks over fighting for coinage. 

I experimented with, by, writing out any shit that passed through my mind...to see how far I can go...but realize there is no end to bringing on the ugly...when I called some guy's children "an accident"...Although the scientist in me still holds it to be true...It was because he was using a photo of ONE of his multiple family plantings, in his short, broken english...he was in the most lowly way flirting with me...I dont want to hate him...but this is why I go to the ugly place of explaining how scary it is when another language starts showing its true colors....I feel one with any human being...I simply hate being lied to....I never got to have children

Larry Schwartz? A tool? I just watched 2 seconds of a 100 man con ed crew shaking their fists at him cheering...but news journalist only seemed to ave edited that moment into another old lady suckin on "Its not that we dont want bridge build, WE DO! We are all for it but..." What a bunch of cowards...Con Ed better not be hyper posing for news cameras...used like a bunch of playboy bunnies...I am so gd sick of this shit...when will peopel wake up and get that their cowardice is not only unforgiveable...its gonna get us ALL killed....I have been robbed of having the cashflow enough to swim with the sharks even though Im someone who never got credit for 100 historical thongs...even made to sound crazy when trying to claim...in order to simply be heard!!!! Making a fool of myself for these other assholes children...they dont want to have children with me...but I have to worry about their sperm mishaps? AND loose the right to say so? Ya its ugly but it IS an accurate description of imbalance....Ive been robbed of ever having a kid because I was sensible enough to not go thru it by myself...but instead of getting credit for that selflessness,,,Im instead percieved as barren (sp?), something wrong with, physically AND mentally...hats what you get when you have no money no kids...I have freedom t make up for it...and its all the same thing in the end I know but...its all lovable AFTER I get to ring the neck of the few who went the extra mile to try to come after me even when I had nothing left...in other words the murderers...I dont need to kill back...just shine a light they cant survive, fire of hell, when Jane Kartsch is the one who cant let it go. Apologize to me you cunt so I really can laugh about this...albeit alone...forever aone....and thats not enough for this woman...to see what pain her childish lie caused on one life...I can only imagine this womans lifetime full of at least a few people like me....maybe worse...I do believe SHE is the one who is dangerous....is it more than just simple fear, cowardice, stage fright Jane? Witch is it?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Matt Taibbi and Yves Smith Best Explain How and Why Wall Street has Corrupted the Financial System

There is a reason intelligent people interviews are ignored by popular mainstream media, and the reason this sort of thing never changes...Bush allows country to be taken into a theatre of war in 2001that couldnt be afforded...4 billion per months that we knew about.. and by 2008 the banks were bankrupted, given another form of bail out, and by 2009 bank execs were giving each other record bonuses...Matt Taibbi? Is ignored overlooked...instead we have Rosie ODonnell's brother whining about peepo being meanies to each other legislation....they create more news about say Lance Armstrong....not enough that he's embarrassed...the NEW and IMPROVED American public NEEDS to see him punished of course...so 1000s of reporters can camp out...so no one ever gets to hear about the bank, oil and war machine crimes....
Every one should watch this interview w Bill Moyers and Taibbi and Yves Smith....wonderfully sums up the fraud everyone allows to be perpetuated...

Who is going to tell me I lost my yoga studio because of Obama lol? WHy I had trouble working for past 18 months? Obama my problem? I want to slap the shit out of the trouble making morons who encourage this kind of propgandic stupidity...Obamacare seems Draconian to be in a way at times...but Romney talking about it like its his focus, target issue...makes me embrace the plan simply because Romney is such a royal fake reaganie kind of pupett...Health care has only come to be about money period...THAT is the problem...hyper testosterone type A fols who need to operate cranes and such to keep their need to rape and pillage down only need to recognize their denial...take up a sport, pull up a chair and google the fuck out of all the internet research to find cures for disease and make THAT work...make THAT worthy of a paycheck...its a mindset problems...Ill explain thsui better latertry to anyway...please just watch the linked video

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jane Kartsch? This is My Weight. Tell me its My own Fault

Send me an email explaining why you screwed me over as pointlessly as ferociously...please? Because Im an asshole and you hate me? If thats all it is why no just say that? Explain what posessed you to try to publicly make it seem Im the kind of person who needs to be dealt with in policeness so common to our increasingly fascist society...TV is airing shows like "Take Me out" with male and female strippers humping each other for Al Jezeera...

Im dying because of Jane Kartsch's blow to my health. No matter what indirect injury or disaster....Tell me why...

Remember what it feels like? How hard it is to motivate? What kind of woman, who owns a "health" related business sabotages another who had such wonderful succes...not once! Not twice! 3 times! and a few close attempts in between....

This was my weight yesterday Jane....You feel me sister? 

omg...Rosie O'Donnell's brother? Seriously.

Today I figured out why no one takes gov seriously, or thinks much about it...the feeling is revolting...Rosie ODonnell's brother is responsible for all of this years idiocy? It's like Chinese reconditioning, what did they call it in HS SS? Re-education? The concept of mass numbers of people  being kept in line via the power of thinking...

"The experts no a great deal more than we do" he says something like that! WHo is this motherfucker screwing around with my freedom of speech? Someone who I NEVER would have even noticed...but see how I am dialoguing with him? FORCED to contemplate what soemone might one daytry to arrest me for? How much bullying will I be pit thru...I registered many bully of the  .coms over the past 10 fckn years because it was MY word mister ODonnell to describe fascists as adult bullies...you are a fascist...not because I resnet your AFFECTED mentality but because u are forcing me to notioce u and IM amazed at how brain dead the rest of the cumomo gov is around you...omg! and YOU are the one who's forced gay marriage down my throat too ...forgive me I just found all of this out a few mins ago...u start your wilipedia by describing yourself as an almost secretary of state type a guy?
I am REVOLTING. DO u see?
I have almost always loved Rosie O'Donnell's pov on most things. She has always made me laugh...once in a while Im weirded out but even so rarely I cant recall anything Ive not like dbaout her...and now here it is...in the form of her brother...As I have been obsessed with the feeling of artificiality in the air with both the instant gay marriage bill...as in...not only ho did that just happen so snappy...but why does it feel so No Way Out creepy? The "cyberbullying" legislation...let my feeling srip in previous blog, I may have gotten his name wrong...but this off fellow who just confessed before the entire NY Assembly (I think thats what it was) that he very much enjoyed (quote) seeing his own name in green lights before himself and the large audience of fellow assemblymen....
Nothing scares me mor ethan Rosie O'Donnell coming after me with a pitchfork...to try to tunr me into her poster children of the typical conservative backward moron...I hate donald trump more than Rosie...until today, when 5 minutes ago I discovered Rosie has obviously used her influence (via David Geffen's ABC party obviously).....its just all so superficial...I dont want to tell Rosie O'Donnell how full of shit her brother is...Im sure he believes what he is saying but hos warped personal reasons for wanting the power to shut me up by being "mean" for example? Suddenly I cant just freely blod, reveal my true colors, take them back, apologize, repeat the stupidity...say stuff sometimes that I really dont mean then suddenly feel life or death....I am going no where imparticularly w this train of thought and suddenly I see Daniel O'Donnell with this sherrif's badge...its beyond perverse that anyone in gov isnt capable of understanding the FACT that power corrupts most quickly the idiots who are there fo rthe wrong reasons....being Rosie's bro is artifical life support...and your fat well meaning ass needs to stop fucking with my freedom of speech...omg! He even referenced the tv show Glee! Something about the reasoning for schools not being required to tell parents what a squabble was about? omg? I never knew it was that creepy...

When I say this guy this am I guess it was...describing HIS bill proudly introducing himself as the author...I had no idea why this attention seeking queen was getting away with this hypocricy that more plants the idea of suicide at this point then does anything to help anyone...how does anyone still get away with trying to legislate behavior? ... its like snooki as assembly ho...just because she is...what is the word? Popular? MOney is thrown at these dimers as a distraction from media airtime being used by anyone woho might take away someone else's airtime...

SO sad.....I recorded him when he said the green lights thing will have to upload..

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Cyber bullying" Bills: The Ultimate and Final Castration

I am an obese pig. Will they soon write a law requiring me to take longer to get to the point? If I am half the size of another human being (like Hon. J. O'Donnelly sp?) and I refer to myself as a fat pig...yes u can be sure I am making indirect refernce to others....god help me? Engage a moments conversation (forced by courts no less?) to dialogue with a repressed Glee quoting legislator who I just heard say he "loved seeing his name in green lights" (oh as a matter of fact I have that on tape...will upload asap....seriously? This is what it's come too?

Dear ALL graduating classes! Cyber bully the shit out of each other if thats what it takes to show these posturing drama queens (Queens for short?) that sticks and stones cant touch the MAGIC of words...that when freely flowing will bring us all to the miracle we're looking for. Anyone who brb

Nor a phron or writer bee

I saw the famous scene from When Harry Met Sally in August 1989 I think. It was at a movie theatre somewhere in or around Melbourne Florida or Siesta Key. (I'd never been to the area before and didnt pay attention to directions). I was taken there, not ever hearing any hype, not one word about this movie.Barley knew who Meg Ryan was and Crystal was an SNL comedian...but suddenly something that ACTUALLY happened to be in a diner on 7th avenue just north of 14th...I think it still has a green awning last time I drove by within past 2 yrs...still there....with Dennis Quaid's cousin, therefore Meg Ryan's family.....and then there was Meg Ryan having a version of my exact conversation with another "screenwriter" named Bo....when you screw around with America's sweetheart's newly wed husband, no matter how naively, or innocently accidental.....I don't know exactly how ALL of these peopel: Melissa Gilbert, Brinkman, Meg Ryan, Gaby Hoffman, Viva (where I once met Nora Ephron when Viva asked me to take back my kitten Ying (killed while I was at Bikram Yoga Training interestingly enough almopst 20 yrs later) anyway...

I was flabbergasted when I saw the movie in FL, sitting with a dozen people (more than Id ever in my life been to a movie with...usually solo in fact...) I didnt say a word...it was too weird...how does anyone explain that etc....I simply took it inside and wondered about all the things that were happening, all the parallels...so much fun...accidentally ending up where Jonathan Demme was...now I realize the same people who took me to the movie had me in the same town as Demme...I thought it really was divine kizmet...in fact even into 2004 I was rescuing Corgi dogs in State Park land (How you doing Larry Wiseman?!) who are telling me I should come down to the dog park to run into Jonathan some morning....I just get it now the degree to which my life felt like a Truman Show in a way....But I think most of it has to be accidental...I guess because there is no money, so little cash flow, its the details of our lovely lives that seem more valuable anyway...but my point is ...I still dont know exactly how my real life incident got translated into Nora Ephron's script...but I do know Viva once screamed at me "I know your kind. You're not a giver. You're a taker!" Compare a papaya she bought me, and odd jobs she gave me...I actually learned a lot from her...but there is so much there to make me feel comfortable accusing this conspiracy to make sure I not even get credit! THATS the thing! No money is necessary with REAL CREDIT. Imagine if suddenly Meg Botoxed2def Ryan admits to where the idea came to her from....Although I have heard Reiner and other's tell different versions, (while highlighting his mother's punchline over the meat of the scene etc)...in interviews, it was an article in an independent film mag I picked up in a Bookstore in SF around december 1989 I think...I was staying with Paul Arensburg...and from his apt I wrote a hate letter to Meg. I was pushing 30 and not interested in the least with playing part of starving artist...I knew life was short and used a touch of shock to stand out to try to make sure someone paid attention...I asked her how she slept at night, being given so much credit for an idea that was not hers....I slowly put together surrounding faces and places - I still dont fully get how it happened but...thats why they never really talk specifically about the scene too much...I think I last heard Nora sound like she was claiming it which resonated as such a huge lie as I had read it a veryu reputable FILM monthly interview with her etc...back in dec 89...

This article about imbalance and demonstrating imbalance through pathetically sloppy borderline perverse use of the english language, has been brought to you by New Balance foot wear. The imbalance is the cancer. Imagine how instantaneously my life would have changed, without a penny changing hands....my BIRTHRIGHT....my idea, my true wealth....would just be allowed to flow...to reign...to be....Im not an asshole, its just a pioneering experiment...Neil Papworth removed my original post claiming to be first to send text message. He didnt allopw both of our stories to remain side by side (especially that his is sio lame and mine resonates...you can see/feel truth...) Whatever he was paid..

Oh! I knwo what I wanted to write abot...The bullied bus monitor lady....Im like her only Im the one filmming the bullies and crying about it which doesnt have the same sympathetic reaction from an audience...butthats the thing...I am noty writing for an audience...IM doing something completely different and new...as usual...just a shame...I had to spend my entire adult life without money no? No one can se ethat? Really? Historical contributions its as pathetic as zelig I guess....it is what it is...but the timiest shift...like cpr for the masses, cpr for the economy when the gifted get recognition over the thieves....I am a goddam retard...but these few jewels I claim? SO VERY FUCKING MUCH MINE....I have earned the write to be an asshole on top of the retard...and breath out the last of my murdereD, destroyed, ruined, sabotaged days

Monday, June 25, 2012

When Your Own Bank is Stealing Whats the Point?

All week I get like 3-4 annoying phonecalls from cablevision (over a $10.38 outstanding balance no less) telling me friday or saturday (via recording) this outstanding $10 still not paid, but the bank was supposed to have delivered it by then...hopefully it will straighten itself out right> Again. ALL this over $10 motherfucking dollars, telling you cablevision must also be hard up? Anyway, phone call voice recording says has still not been paid. I check to make sure and I see this summary.
Then I look to see what payments are still pending. But the only one there is Geico...no mention of Cablevision...I flashback to this happening year sago, constantly...and the ridicuous wastes of times phonecalls you go thru with their explanations...I stopped believing wachovia was holding onto my lousy tint bit of money for an extra day (millions tims a million right?) and then I think it was the same year that they STOLE $100 from me outright as a fee they kept (with only $200 in total in the account in the first place)....A lawyer friend came with me to court and proved that Wachovia looked to be a part of the sewer service con job...I got $180 back I think...but Wachovia (now wells fargo) still kept that $100....when you dont have any money most of the time poeple get away with doing this kind of shit to you. But as you can see....only Geico was still pending...and along with the summary above very clearly reads that a certain amount is PENDING, leaving me with the sum of $50.21 This is what I hav eto budget for gas, food, life, bills I forgot etc...for the week...But suddenly by saturdanight its gone.
Then saturday morning I went to the gas station where I was cut off at $4.96...I was leaving for work tho so didnt worry about checking on it till later...when I was sleeping as a matter of fact-too stressed to sleep so it woke me up although exhausted...only to be tormented by some knt banktress...more on that later my head os pounding so bad I dont feel Im going to survive the night...but I had this (screenshot) below in front of me saturday, sunday really morning 1-2am ish i think...first thing I said to her was exactly that. That I was worried, tat I only had $50 and wasnt sure what had haopended to it...she put me thru the fucking ringer with the questions etc tetc... I gave them permission to youtuve my aggressive bitch fest on her head for being such a cruel robot-it was as if she was taunting me...enjoying my pain...I just hung up on here after telling her to shuv it up the arse, and didnt call back again until today where I got the same treatment...more on thsi later....I was going to simply post the shots so as to have visuals while speaking with the bank representatives while they bullshit me about how "normal" it is that none of these formats for the account match up in real time even....now I finally get it...
Click on the image to make it more legible...I know IM supposed to be embarrassed about such a pathetic financial life...not much going on here right Wells? Can I call you wells? The house stolen pout from my family by busy business men looking for their busy deals was on Wells Avenue...right Paul?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Max Sidorov, Man Behind Karen Klein Indiegogo Donation Fund, Now Getting His Own

Im not really clear yet on exactly who posted this vid of bullied bus monitor...but Ive been told it was one of the kids doing the bullying, and the video was uploaded by them for more laughs at her expense. If thsi is true...it is THE perfect argument for exactly why their should be no more talk of policing the internet and legislating behavior...kids need to be inspired to be better poeple not FORCED by legislating it ....etc

Max Sidorov, the man who set up the Indiegogo donation campaign for bullied Greece, N.Y. bus monitor Karen Klein, is getting a reward of his own, the New York Daily News reports.
Thanks to another Indiegogo user named Case Prince, Sidorov now has his own donation campaign -- so far having raised more than $4,000.
"Max Started the campaign that turned into a landslide of support for Karen Huff Klein and against bullying," Prince wrote in the campaign's info section. "I feel Max deserves a small reward himself."
But reactions to the new donation campaign have not been as unanimously positive as they were for Klein's.
“The point of a good deed is to do it without expecting recognition,” one MORONIC JEALOUS SMALLER PICTURE user wrote, according to the Daily News. “Don’t donate to this guy. He’s obsessed with himself now, claiming the whole world knows who he is.” But this just reflects the stupidity that gets in the way of the internet being the great equalizer if idiots would just stop confusing their own hangups with new directions that could lead to massive does of justice...
In addition to the donations to Klein's fund, which now amount to more than $500,000, the bus monitor also received apologies from two of the middle school boys who bullied her in the now infamous video.


Im watching local news on TV and realizing more and more how deeply their political chit chat meant to gradually manipulate into being some take on, some weather system...I dont know what to call it....some mood, sentiment in the air doesn't seem heavy enough....

They thirst for sacrifice. It's sickening....I feel bad about what I said about the first Sandusky victim to speak 2 days ago...but I cant take it back...its just impossible to really know anymore....The tanting of the grandma on the school bus? WHo shot the video? How is it they tell this viral story and point out that "bullying" can save lives online? The laws they are proposing would have sleezy lawyers claiming the old lady violated a minor's future reputation by allowing the video to be blah blah blah...and depending on were anyone stads politically, popularly better word with their "communE ity"....they will either get to be ruler or sacrifice...I feel like the untouchable class speaking....Like IM supposed to be SO ashamed of the GOSSIP spread about me, and deliberate twistings around by every goddam person IO know to some degree...so many I choose my sacrifice too...Jane Kartsch...my undivided attetion because she picked the wrong victim to FURTHER victimize. At what point will people stop beating me up? News talking heads say things like "The name Spano will forever be linked in the publics mind as blah blah blah" WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE TO DECIDE WHAT THE MINDS THINK NO LESS WRITE THE SHIT TOO?  I mean it sbecome so sophisticated you probably have an Astorino thinking of deeply subliminal ways to turn poeple against andy spano...who I guess is no relation...but I DONT FUCKING CARE!!! Leave each other alone and wake up and see you YOU are setting the rest of the world on fire with your childish focus...the petty tryig to catch spomeone and screw the victimes pf th efallout etc....I have never in my life written brutally about anyone who didnt deserve it...and if Im going thru something childish, sloppy, I usually have sense enough to leav ethe name out, or leave a face out, and speak generally....if I dont 3 times in my life, after all Ive lost...I still have to worry about some opportunist bitter, former rape victim, cancer survivior, breast of course to insprie me? Because her AGENTS bought her air time?

ENOUGH. Live and laet live....with more noble definitions of wealth and value and maybe we still dont stand a chnace. SO what about the interim....go ahead and have your sacrifices. But take 50 years to make sure every goddam detail is right on...and know that hen you dont take that time...you are as low as your assumptions about your target....people are insects....species of insiects...used to be more fairy like...and we made fun of that so much ....the NEWS did anyway...we had to go Call of DOOODIE. Dumb fucking assholes. WIth everything that is going on in the world, so many men and women I know have come after me, or deliberately hurt me in some way personally that it feel slike it must also go on exponentially....to think American "news" in other countries makes US look like Maria Antoinete....so focussed on donut wars yoga teachers more like killers, neighbors arguing over the pettiest ridiculousness to the point they will thrash and burn....trying to catch any little thing to create a public hanging....animals....animal mindset
The grandmother on the bus is me.....its unnatural Ive been left out of the circulation of things ... actually no that could be natural....its when they made sure I couldnt...makes me wonder...oh ya...there it is again all that evidencde of the think blue line.....flies

Friday, June 22, 2012

Whoever authored the "anti cyber bullying" legislation is really just a Sandusky type mindset wanting to have an excuse to be able to shut anyone up who gets too close to exposing their secrets and should be treated as, for what it is....cowards and liars....nothing short of. The internet is the perfect place to have battle....and the knowledge that keeping an open mind and there ar e2 sides to every story etc is up to the brain dead public-just because theyve opted out on thinking doesnt mean the rest of us should be stuffled. As I tried to explain earlier, just because one of my hs gym teachers tickled his balls with my toe while giving me an osteo knee test on a table doesnt mean he did it on purpose...but I shouldnt be allowed to ask lol? Maybe Sandusky shot goes on EVERYWHERE? Ya and its fone if these poeple dont want to talk about it...but to fire me for trying to point this FACT out? Or now with thsoi ne wlegislation have some cop who wwas also molested by the same guy for all anyone knows shut up the person who gradually exposes a bigger picture? Its such a joke that Kate Snow will sit down with some tough guy who is obviously looking for some kind of connection...no I shouldnt say that...I have no idea what happened to him...but...the emotion and sympathy in Kate's eyes only showed me how a reporter will explain he's a witness being saved for a second federal trial blah blah blah...when in fact...he's no provable etc? For him not to be considering the reality that the "ruination" isnt a scarred anus, as much as the way no one will look at him the sam eanymore.. the guy looked like hed been in and out of jail? Looked like he gets laid plenty...but the way he holds his mouth made me think he's looking for an opportunity to explaoit...maybe...more imprtant point is the irony that they want to introduce a bill that would stop kids from bothe making up false allegations AND real ones...andf that is NO ONE's PLACE!!! Freedom IS free you stupid mfs. Tryin got keep it that way in the face of hypocrisy nopw that is what requires sacrifice....not your GI Joe dreams of warfare because you avoided jailtime or premature fatherhood by enlisting into an easily foudn job...

"Doing What Good Superstar Do..."

Had NBC news on, a Kenny Chesney concert just finished and Alroker or someone just goes "Great concert. Keny is now doing what good superstarts do, signing autographs for his fams..." I mean the paint by numbers human marketing circuses they contract with will one day have them popular, selling billions of yellow plastic bracelets (all made in China Im sure) and the next its like distraction news about his downfall....when the audience wouldnt probably choose to focus on that etc...its so been militarized...and those yellow bracelets are like the new pennies.

China keeps "order" by assasinating John Lennon type "superstars" and keeping caged the somewhat talented so and sos oh wait no thats the USA. But seriously...maybe its too late for it to change, afterall, every year 10 million more iq of 17 animals grab the keys to auto to take them to their hated work...because too many people made too many babies....fine...right and Im the bad guy...

That seemed really groundbreaking last night to hear Mat Lauer as much as QUESTION police in CT's motives on network TV...How much you want to bet something life changing will now happen to him?

Too Easy. Wow.

I was slightly captivated by a tv show last night called Person of Interest (I think). My bro and former childhood friend, in timing of shocking Sandusky news conspiring? To make sure their secrets are never exposed-thast what it feels like....the weather report is things must be turning pretty bad for them in their own minds....and they will make sure that my new boss is someone threatenedn (via his wife perhaps) not tto upport me financially...and drive me to suicide....I want to write about my botched colonoscopy but a doctor has lawyers that would BULLY THREATEN intimidate financially-its a big deal to not have cashflow...believe me I know you oeple "with money" are fucking ridiculous idiots who made all your most important life's decisions on it! WHy not admit it and "move on" as you all love to tell me! Im sorry Gober to use OUR story...I hope the one time my toe brushed you balls that was the only time you ever wanted to shuv your tongue down the throat of some young thing...Im sorry if a kid might hear about this! I hope I could say sorry to that kid by explaining that Yay! even tho it was just a coincedence what happened to me-that it was a totally isolated NOTHING moment I could honestly laugh off...But I would be robbed of that INTELLIGENEC you rob yourselves. Loosing for everyone...I was a substitite teacher  for a few months and then suddenly I was booted....no explanation, and for bitching about it in email I had a cop contact me. Luckily I grew up with the cop and so he knew better to believe cops that punch an dbeat up and lie....ray and nancy keeping in touch on the same day new bosses wife gives me no good morning, chatting for long tie across lawn with .....In other words word gets around...I was asked about the Grant's (Peggy and Mike) yesterday by my new boss....the timing shows me poeple conspiring...sos...thank you facebook...someone called me paranoid yesterday...when all I have left is proving how these well to do idiots spend their time crucifying the competition...no matter how their children send them thank you emails for being a positive role model for them as a teacher-the important thing for these kinds of artifical life supported automatons is to live like backstabbing drones...
Click on image to see Peggy grab at my camera like a 5 yr old when she didnt knwo the whole story, call the police and pretend I was some random person she happened to know's name, sipping on her latte, knowing that Jane Kartsch had just ruined my $12,000 yoga training by doing the same thing (callthepolice.com).

Madonna Badger's house was torn down by city official.s THIN BLUE LONE WRITES THE NEWS. Poeple like Nancy are all about money...it scares her that I have the right to contemplate my feelings openly like this....I WILL apologize if Im wrong! Thats the thing! No one want sto risk loossing the degree of convnience theyve accumulated....

 Im working side by side with an Ecuadoran, a Guatamalan, and a Colombian and have confessed to each one my borderline xenophobic sounding rants, along with a scientific explanation of what I really mean....maybe theyre all just acting laid back and totally sweet and cool....I love them....from a distance only maybe? But I have so much love in my heart...I need to believe poeple can sometimes be capable of real conversation vs the fake plastic slimey acting ways that are expected conversations....for today I love love love those guys....I feel like my body is goig to break, if someone asks me to grab somethig from a truck I walk like a slow penguin to avoid hurting myself more than aspirin can get me thru a few hours...its back freaking fro a 51 yr old...but luckily a friend from childhood has a patience that appreciates giving me a chnace to get stronger hopefully..Part of me loves it, but realistically, my bones are cracking...looking at the picks doesnt show the burning broken cracking pain in my joints....
(Wy would an American man want to have a baby with "it" when they have millions of Snookies to accidentally procreate with? GuhgagaGo team.) Was actually surprised by this photo yesterday. Cant believe how good I look and how beautiful I am in it anyway, at the age of 51. Woman worry that their husbands want to grab my boobs if even only in thei rminds....for that I have to be left broke? Fine. Let me teach yoga then? Nope. Gotta slowly be killed off so the little kiddies of the fucked up families can feel the security of their mommies artificual life supportted happiness...

My new boss asked me about the Peggy Grant story testfiring.com...said it was because of my own facebook entries...maybe...but the feeling is this is how people htink theyre looking opur for one another, by not really tking time to get story straight and making judgment calls based on time sheet mentality...everyone exists this way now...so Im blessed to have a friend enough in my boss that he'll give benefit of the doubt etc...but like I said the feeling is so and so hears about so and ao and wifey 1 talks to wifey 3 with the embellished twisted details of a juicy sacrifice etc...but pretending all teh while to be compasionate...firing me slowly perhaps since I was told to remian "on hold" today....THIS is simply how it works...newboss says Im paranoid...maybe...but whats wrong with speculating about it...are people worried that because I have the urge to write it might be about them and so they subconsciously if not outright deliberately want to censor me by keeping me busy with living life without any money or opportunity....all these years begging for help to see thsi for what it is and the ONLY perspective I get, same thing over and over is "move on"...because thats all people know what to say...no thats all they have time or energy for....too busy keeping up with the dangling carrots SOSOSO close to their mcmansion life? I dunno....oh wait. Yes I do...the "white" man I mentioned who I didnt so much like at work has caled me everything from"it" (no shit just like Billy the Kid in Silence of) to baron, to dirty, to fat...screamed at top of lungs...this a guy who's own son hates him for being a crazed pee wee roid raging energy-I have to listen to someone tell me that they think maybe he and I might have something in common lol....that IM not taking the higher ground but chiming in on my own defence....oh along with being told he will punch me in the fac if I speak again etc....I didnt even complain to my boss about that because Im just trying to get thru the day...TOTAL abuse...BECAUE he knows I am not a property owner-shit poepe dont realize they do this! Bully this way...its become clear its my job to show them. This is why they want to kill me, they hate looking in the mirror that much, they would kill the reflection (witch cant be killed :)

Dear Greg Melvin Dear Kate Snow

I dont know if Craig Melvin gets credit for choosing the story...but thank you...Isnt it brilliant how now kids have had added to their baby minds more drama....the freaks who have introduced "bully bills" are just opportunists creating more emotional GARBAGE. The gandmother being bullied by the little snot nosed....who was it that gave a graduation speech that themed "You are NOT special" a parent? It was fantastic...actually I only heard about it so not sure abou how great entire speech...anyway...bullying is ageless...Ive been BEGGING my entire life, so many people, to simply see financial bullying has lead to our bank crisis....idiots and great actors running the show....oh...kate snow...weaver? whatever his name....the body language? seriously? Handsome straight at you cold determined eyes....its sexy....its no one's place to judge, put when you asked him about why epople say it could be made up...his answer didnt ring true...by not metioning people gd do things for money-thats why no one talks for FUCK's sake! The society IS a bunch of whores...it never occurred to me until almost 50 years old, to actually cponsider marrying someone even for their health insurance when it feel slike cancer is rampantly running through my body...but I remain cashless, my entire gd life because Ive tried to surf on the truth...

The WORDS are all we have. We shape  EVERYTHING with them, and no matter how "well meaning" some lobbyist news creators are anyone who would strip away freedom from speaking every last bit of crusty diarrhea of their soul....its a counterfeit gold miner....poeple need to watch each other not as potential psycho killers but as ALWAYS opportunists looking to feed their kids (forgiveable as thats is the required standard, and like good little flocks...." Anyway...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

After rushing grom car into house eith only 30 minutes to shower and change to get ready for a job interview..the jammed front door lock forced my hand to grab and jiggle knob tightly etc...it was smothered in a black filmy kind if thin vaseliney, gasoline smelling slime...dare u to call me paranoid about being poisoned? Never in my life would it ever have occurred to me to hurt, let alone slowly murder even Jane..

People will tel not only me, but most people "it's just a coincedence" that I posted Yershenko(?)'s b4 and aft photos here yesterday..feeling my body aches aren't only accidental...wow...hours later my hands still burn a kittle, I had a tiny amount I think get onto my lip...

I had to ring a neighbor to let me in (w so little time to get ready)When I asked him what he thought it was he only said "Just go watch your hands!" like I was being baby to ask him if he knew what it was...

So when more should neighbors talk right? But again no one has "time" to talk...as we're all rushing to manipulate the circumstances of our affairs to always be in out favor...when would a human being ever dare to admit any nobility an illusion...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Gastric Bypassholes

I dont give a shit how close to a heart attack anyone is...anyone who would have their stomach removed is a ridiculous idiot...a "doctor" who would remove a person's stomach is a murderer and or also a moron....Im watching a story on ABC produced by Deborah Roberts about these idiots now becoming alcoholics....when the fuck do the stories end about the most disgusting people? I will never forget when Armen Keteyian told me he was sorry I had my studio stolen out from under me but that he couldnt help me by turning a light on the cops (for example) who stood by while I was locked out of my business totally illegally etc...but they do stories about retarded fat people who remove vital organs....and then interview them for years...like we're supposed to follow this thinking as sane? Sidenote: ....African Americans are to Africans as white, or actually any color ugly americans in general are to europeans...I meant to say that may entries ago cant remember which one...all I know is people are too afraid to reveal their inner racist and its better to let it get some air so it can dry up, heal, instead of fester into being the people we pretend to be and end up like Richard Kory....Cory?........maybe one day I will actually read any of this garble I write and have a clue as to what Im talking about...all people sucking period...and there are just too goddam many....I worked side by side with Eciadoran men today...liked them better than the white man, one of them anyway...so much so I realized I am testing my own asshole waters too carelessly perhaps...but who gives a shit...

sos is there a doctor in the haus?

I think Im being poisoned. I know no one would give a shit if I am...but that doesn't mean I didnt wish one goddam person cared enough to actually do anything....I guess blogging is kind of masturbatory now that I think of it...my sos has always been more colorful creative maybe....forever amazed when no one responds to it...ya its heavy. The perfect crime...slow murder inc. What Bikram yoga did for me? Why not scream every 4 letter word you know at the person who killed you? The person who killed your family? The person who is motivated by perpetual 5th grade insecurities kills you off-when you had so much to offer...why pretend to be noble when nature calls for the boldest of fuck yous? Paul Klugman's wife said it best....you cant back down from bullies...they have no soul...the world is run by people who would run over their own dog because people think they want things or want to be things theyre not...intelligence can be acted...in such a dumb world...that whole sheep thing...beautiful only when someone is allowed to actually make decisions after careful prEyer...but now the country is run by corporate counterfeit money and a set of military rules ...written by the most callous cut throat clock work orange,...where the Ramapo 12 yr old rapists children of color? didnt anyone get the message in the movie Toys? Grand Theft Auto is the same thing as Call of Dooooooodie...mind conrol...sheep thing, the chinese have it so down....now theyre shuving Rubio down our throats...casey anthony probably has the same "agent" you need "agents" to be on TV because that is what the CIA does...it makes sure people lik eJohn Lennon don't throw theior idea of balance off center....their idea of center....praying is more about letting the center find me...so thats why when I do die, I will blend, recycle, just fine....its just such a shame...I really did have more to offer than a few 100 great ideas to make others rich off of....
  • Dioxins are a group of chemically-related compounds that are persistent environmental pollutants.
  • Dioxins are found throughout the world in the environment and they accumulate in the food chain, mainly in the fatty tissue of animals.
  • More than 90% of human exposure is through food, mainly meat and dairy products, fish and shellfish. Many national authorities have programmes in place to monitor the food supply.
  • Dioxins are highly toxic and can cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and also cause cancer.
  • Due to the omnipresence of dioxins, all people have background exposure, which is not expected to affect human health. However, due to the highly toxic potential of this class of compounds, efforts need to be undertaken to reduce current background exposure.
  • Prevention or reduction of human exposure is best done via source-directed measures, i.e. strict control of industrial processes to reduce formation of dioxins as much as possible.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stop and Frisk Cyberbullies

I just heard something about stop and frisk law because of a march down 5th avenue...yet again black community has to pretend cops only target them... www.governorpataki.com shows video of 2 cops threatening me because my neighbor found a note that had the following 6 words on it: "DEAR STUDENTS OF CHRIST THE KING on floor in front of MY door. For that I had to listen to these 2 cops threaten to arrest me twice because they made an erroneous, on the spot decision to believe obese lying trouble making insecure hateful doosh of a woman's crocodile tears...nothing RACIAL about this stupidity.

 Dear Judge Lange-
I shot this photo today of one of the witnesses that was subpoenaed last xmas....that's the same spot I was fined for parking in....she's been doing it for years along with the other neighbors I interviewed to demonstrate how I was being singled out, how the rules were being applied unfairly...as the Bolls are on the condo board....they also campaigned to try to make me loose my dog as far back as 2003...tired of the stories...the years of abuse....Ive always tried to keep to myself, mind my own business...and even though I was away for over a year, they still chose to come after me again, singling me out to fine to entertain themselves....the day after I filed the small claims forms to fight this was when they found the paper with only the 6 words "dear students of Christ the King" on it...and I was subsequently threatened with arrest, not once, but twice...I went through so much trouble and ink to prepare for my case....but when they showed up a second time in court with a lawyer (day after I rescued their cat no less) you dismissed the case because I was tryign too hard to get you to see how this was a personal attack and nothing to do with condo business....
That subpoenaed witness (3 of them, not one bothered to even show) parks her car their as she said to avoid the sap from falling onto it...I dont complain about it...why would I? See how many vistor's spots there are everyday? Most of them always empty....but the judge allowed them to get away with their BULLYING and I had to borrow $120 to pay their latest fines.

Like I said hate and stupidtiy is beyond color...
You can see why the cops would believe them...they look like SUCH a nice couple of really super duper nice people dont they? Fat pig

Innocence and Forgiveness

If Mary Kennedy ran over her own dog on purpose.... If it was a blind accident than shame on BK for making her sound like a monster by spinning twisting things, exaggeration....wish someone would clear that up so I could forget about it...


This is me in November 2006 about 2 weeks before Jane began her smear campaign against me....look how healthy I was.  Im so mortified by how I look now Im just not ready to do the side by side to compare the damage done...but take my word fro it...its bad. Who looks phenomenal at the age of 46 thank you very much.

Doing Bikram for about 11 months prior at that point. I'd lost 50+ pound for christsake! But Jane filed the first police reprot calling me "dangerous" and spreading that hate to the point I either couldnt afford to make it to any studio to work out even let alone work...It had taken me years to get my overeating under control...its about 5 years ago I sot this of myself in the bath room...at the same time I shot the infamous "woman with her head cut off" photo (which turned out to be me in a yoga outfit from the neck down...It was the first time Id finally felt I had a handle on my daily practice and was reversing the feeling of pre cancerousness raging thru my body the year before..Ya if I was 36 maybe I wouldnt hold onto the anger and bitterness...but I was a few weeks before age of 46 years old, and now that IM 51.5 with health shot right down the crapper....I have no hope of ever getting back there agian...it was my last chance...I could have been a jack lalane kind of legend...old but gorgeous...now Im instead just old and slowly dying from the hatred shown to me by the Bikram Organization...and now I have Singaporian firing squad laws to look forward to by bitchblogging about it....I'd rather be dead than be Jane Kartsch...and the world is run by these kinds of hypocrits more and more so....we'll see what is to come I guess....

If anyone had told me on this day that I would have a police report written up about one of these photos I sent in an email to Jane (bragging about how much better I was at the yoga then she-as the photos dont lie etc) I never would have believed it. I really never saw er resorting to blatant lies and for no reason...
Note: Mr Wolf points out I was "reluctant" to give Jane any passwords because she wouldnt have any idea what to do with it. When he says "Fake password" thats is in fact Jane Kartsch attempting to put her server password into a domain registration account...and notice THAT is the first complaint, Then they resort to exaggerating about the time and place of cursing as if they are desperately trying to paint a picture of me as a person she needed to file a police report against....and also notice how whatever slim picking sthey come up with is only AFTER the fact and never once addresses how what why or when this falling out actually started...what is what over at the start...and that is because I never dod one goddam thing to Jane Kartsch....so her vindictive conspiring, felonious behavior is to this day ignore, has gone unpunished....look how fertile I looked at the age of 46! I so wanted to just meet someone and have a family..adopt maybe th esafer option I dont know but instead Jane Kartsch turned my life into impoverished hell...humiliated me in front of alredy strained family relationships (because of previous financial setbacks I never made it out of...was never allowed...because of the thin blue line that Jane used to her advantage...when I picture her listening to NPR and her dinner conversation of WTC conspiracy theories etc....I wonder how she sleeps at not, unable to make the connection between the way she ruined my life and and every evil powers that be scenario....oh god please hear my prayer.

How Comforting to Know NCPC has Offices in Singapore (Land of Adults Who Whip Each Other For Jaywalking

National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) of Singapore
A non-profit organization committed to promoting public awareness of and concern about crime and to propagate the concept of self-help in crime prevention. The Website features annual reports from 1997-2007 and numerous PDF format publications detailing crime prevention measures for citizens.

ps This is a still from the video of the trooper with pinched object in hand for the record....I need to be more clear probably, that I do not give a flying fuck if he took the stupid battery...the whole point of my bitching about this is that they cost me 2 jobs and drove me out of town. They (the cops) interfered with my ability to get unemployment afetr Radio Shack illegally fired me...this is way back in 1997....so what did I do? I plugged away at getting past it...over and over again...bullied...and then in 2006 found my dream career seemingly falling into place, lost 54 poiunds got a scholarship to hawaii yoga training for 2 months...and Jane Kartsch was afraid of me? Really? She needed to call every possible place I could have worked in tri state area to warn them I was a dangerous person! After everything Id been thru IM still forced to go thru it why Jane? Why you stupid whore of kunt of a fukcwad piece of shit!!!! TELL THE FUCKING WORLD WHAT THE HELL I DID TO YOU TO DESTROY MY LAST CHANCE AT HAPPINESS YOU FUCKING GNARLY ACNEED SICKLY HYPOCRIT OF SCUM...Oh! My! Where did that come from! Woops! I get upset when I think about teh FACT that I was stopped from being able to get on with my life, have a family, work...the basics...can anyone tell me how someone is supposed to behave when someone metaphorically shuvs Bikrams head up their ass, twists it around...and then...omg I try to keep the Jane story as brief as possible because I know its not particularly interesting to anyone else but me....I never (or rarely) mention her SECOND attempt at rewriting that police report 9 months later...again even tho Id not made any contact whatsoever with her in year and a half....how is she allowed to now own 2 studios and IM dead and broke...see that photo of me leaping? Its called being a natural...and its a good thing that those of us with god given gifts and talents are destroyed so shit backstabbing scum like Jane can feel artifically special? Allowed to murder the competition Jack? When was I UGLY jack? After the fact! Someone tell me what I did to make Jane LIE to sdestroy my future and I will never speak the kunts name again....sadly I know there is no reason...we're down to her apologizing....

ps Dear Bikram...I used to save the word cunt for the rare moments when it was called for...now I use the word almost every fucking hour. At least as often as I curse you for being such a fucking retarded childish moron who allows himself to be directed by horny little asian whores without souls...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dear United States Supreme Court SOS

The irony that bullies are more than ever in the news, being allowed to hide behind the pretense of their fake "cyberbullying" legislation is the greatest threat to American freedom perhaps we've ever known. Its the slippery slope that will lead to the same mentality behind firing squads in China. We hear about people in other countries being murdered everyday by their own fascist cowardly governments....this is how China is brilliantly taking over their foreseen problems of dissidence in teh US for the future.....Is it because I dared to talk about the trooper who appears to be shoplifting on videotape? People have become such backwards liars all they care about is protecting fellow liars....what happened to live and let live?

Dear NCPC (National Crime Prevention Council)

YOU ARE THE BULLIES. HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT YOU STUPID LAZY NAZI MOTHAHFUKKAS! See how one over the top idiot will now make it his life's mission to come after me? How can we support this kind of idiocy? THAT is what bullying is!

From wikipedia: "The practice of cyberbullying is not limited to children and, while the behavior is identified by the same definition in adults.....'. So I started to add slightly wiseguy stuff because I was so upset...(I cant believe wikipedia is allowing these nazis to make it all seem the norm....):
When perpetrated by adults toward adults, sometimes it's because rich people bully poor people. The poor person who can't find a lawyer because little money is at stake will risk arrest if they were to dare attempt to tell tehir story online. No matter that thieves and murderers may have destroyed their lives and families, if they as much as mention a name they will be sent to prison, hopefully one day they will be shot in firing squads like they are in China for daring to speak out on their own behalf. The nerve of any American citiozen trying to send out a messag ein a bottle, an SOS to anyone who maybe might could help them...no longer. Death to freedom of speech!

In China people are executed in firing squads for saying things other's find offensive. It is the hope of the NCPC to be able to sneak this kind of totalitarianism into the American society gradually by first using "bullying" between children on playgrounds, and encouraging more and more teen suicides by introducing the concept via critical mass. This way states who have invested in privitization of prison industry will be able to more quickly see returns on their investments and turn profits so they can make their families proud. Otherwise they would have to actually inspire children to treat each other better out of sheer practicality and that would not be as sensational or profitable.

Donald Trump for example had his feelings deeply hurt by Miss PA recently and will sue her to shut her skinny butt up hopefully otherwise if she were to vent online about her allegations of fraud in the miss USA pageant she too could be executed if we were in China. Unfortunately it is not yet China for the many Americans who wish it to be.

Parmy companies and chemical companies will be protected. No more Erin Brokoviches for you! Squash the little guy is out motto. David and Goliath was a story! Get over it! New NCPC slogan: If you say Boo! Jail for you!

In March 2007, With the inspiration of Vice President Chenney and Donald Rumsfeld in reaction to being criticized for their love of war machine bankruptcy, the Advertising Council in the United States, in partnership with the National Crime Prevention Council, U.S. Department of Justice, and Crime Prevention Coalition of America, joined to announce the launch of a new [[public service advertising]] campaign designed to educate preteens and teens about how they can play a role in ending cyber-bullying. THis way when cops feel the need to jail a woman with large breasts they would never otherwise be able o fondle they will have options.


I just tried to edit the cyber bullying page, mentioning the firing squads they have in China for when people speak and make anyone at all slightly uncomfortable...within seconds Asian wiki admin was all over it...Cuomo is a moron. Will people soon be jailed for sloppy criticism? I cant believe people are going to actually let this happen.

Politico Prisoner

You know you're being hacked when the time and date stamps on every entry varies...wtf man...I am such a gd political prisoner...when do I get to escape and become my happy normal self again?

Monte Carlo 1984

Taos 1981

Taos 1981.

No More Lines At All. The Continents Are Full

I think Obama is a genius to amnesty a potentially decision factor voting base...and keeping it all vague until everyone finally figures out that there is simply no longer enough room on the natural resources...Howdy David Kerley
"They can get in line with everyone else" say Rom Knee Which is the common as it is retarded popular take on immigration....NO MORE GD LINES! The lines are the problem. There is nothing noble about a bunch of uneducated, hungry desperados coming to new york to make more obesity work...shit it shit out...no more landscaping for firetrap construction projects with 3 bathrooms each for imported maids and nannies to clean. What is different about this generation of hispanic immigrants maybe is their need to continually keep bringing more and more and more pand more and more people...europeans just came, I dont remember kazillions of irish and italian and german or greek or japanese insisting on bringing their entire continent over for the free cable with heat included and american landlords got hooked on the rent increases because they could get 12 poeple to live in 1 bedroom apts. ....its the chinese-asian and hispanic countries that seem to be boating armies in? Maybe that sounds stupid but Im just saying....italians and germans and english and greek didnt work their asses of to send it all back to thei rmother did they? Thats the difference?

Greed isnt reliant on racism or color, greed is greed. Check out the basement apt a woman was renting out to a semi handicapped girl who only had one arm! Black mold! Wouldnt the fire dept love to know when a townhouse connected to 6 other 3 story family homes allows an electrical socket to stay this way for months....100 people have to die because this asshole is so clueless as she is selfish and stupid...

$750 a month studio!  She didnt qualify for publci assistance because most of the money goes to blacks and hispanics. She was told she made $100 a month too much...she has one fucking arm!!! No insurance!!! She's jewish and didnt insist on it she just accepted their rejection and continues to try to work 3 jobs....Peopel with money are people who shouldnt have money maybe? Rich people with everything kill themselves because their audience is made up of people who suck so much dick for their low middle class status the party isnt any fun! A bunch of depressed theives stealng money from the handicapped....its ever the jungle out there...Financially bullied into a routine. Cant easily escape, stuck in a routine to hope for a better future by sticking it out etc..I never saw her place so was shocked when I went to try to help her pack a bit...asked her if I could take photos and do an essay on this slumlord....
I was marching in a parade today and had such a great time dancing with the african american and latino celebration....with a giant bear suit on the inflammation in my body seemed to be consoled by what must have been 125 degree temp inside the giant bear suit so it felt like a much needed safe workout as I tried to be Timberlake on Ellen in gumby suit dancer....a workout that is until I almost couldnt breath but I slowed down my breathing and was able to conjure up more stamina then all the little kids in front of and behind me.....I see no color when little kids are running up to hug me, or the people all over the street are smiling and waving becaus ethey dont see color while Im looking like Winnie the Pooh...but if the same poeple were to see my foofy white girl ass...they would go back to being snotty and racist and shun me if I tried to solicalize....anyway itw as a ball to get along with everyone and be liked I have to admit....money one day will replace my gear suit and I will see the "love" for what it is...

Im all for Obama being clever, and Im all about ripping Rom Knee a new one by pointing out what a moron of cliche stupidity he and his peeps are. Obama needs to be rescued from the gray suits (as Diana used to call the real powers that be-who are probably smart enough poeple to be in agreement and yet in the face of the backwards retardeation known as the amerIcan public...better they stick aroudn I suppose-thanks for obviously listening ;0

Why People Without Money are So Angry and Redemption

There is nothing more maddening than someone with money telling someone with exponentially less or without a dime "Money doesn't matter.' What's most sickening is the way they say it as if it just came to them, like from divine angels, as if you don't see the commercial TV they do...Powerful TV enough to convince everyone to jump off a tappan zee bridge simultaneously in order to win a million dollars and a mercedes benz as easily as they can blindly lead billions of big strong biker men to proudly waves flags made in china in support of weekend car show....Stupidity is a mass disease just like cancer.

Its my job to question with curse words...in order to express the depth of the loss...I have no choice. As a formerly kind hearted, generous, relatively intelligent person it's my duty, constipated as Luther, Im required by natural law to want to kill another animal who would DARE come between me and my children...and all the "news" does is take that tragedy and turn it into ratings, totally the same thing as the holy crucifiCTtion....luckily for Jane I went to college and the internet was invented...I have to luxury of working it out because it could be so much worse...Im gonna start talking about how fucking awesome I am soon now that I think of it. instead of suicide...oh but wait. Governor Tappioca Cuomo wants to make it a crime to show one's true colors....lol this is as ugly as I get I can only imagine how disturbingly worse most people are-THATS why I scare everybody because Im no worse then waht I write and that makes me pretty damn awesome if youre intelliget enoug to read between the lines as opposedto projecting your dirty fucking minds on me-ruining me...fy jane fy jane I LIVE THIS becaus eof the INJUSTICE@!!!!!!! Put lawyers to works like grocery store clerks! Courts should be full of bickering...but cops prefer th ebloody battles...just lik ethe video games teach......and anyone who would stand in the way of this freedom of expression amwricans have gne too stupdi to defend is as evil as it gets...computer illiterates who simply want to control their secrets at the expense of the river flow of life as nature means for it to be....I hav eto go be a clown now (best job of my life)


Sugar: The Legitimized Drug Trade.Sugar Cane Millionaires Save Miami?

Photographs and Text by Sven Creutzmann

Like no other industry, sugar has been defining Cuba’s history. When Columbus brought the sugarcane plant to the Caribbean, sugar was one of the most valuable commodities in Europe, imported for a fortune from the Orient and weighed out by the tablespoon. Within a century, sugarcane plantations had spread across Cuba and boatloads of black slaves were transported from Africa to work them. The number of slaves leapt from 40,000 in 1774 to 479,000 in 1840 when they made up half the population. Slaves were needed to cut and process the sugarcane. The work was incredibly hard, from four in the morning to midnight: 16 hours cutting the cane under the merciless Caribbean sun, four in the fervency of the factory ovens. Despite the fact that Cuba is employing some modern harvest machines in the annual “zafra”, sugarcane harvest, there is still a need for the legendary “Machetero”, the sugarcane cutter. Cuba has no slaves anymore, but sugarcane is still important to its economy and so is the machetero. Considered to be one of the toughest manual labours in the world, the machetero´s work is vital for the sugarcane harvest, for only man can cut the cane on uneven grounds. Every year between December and June, thousands of sugarcane cutters are working under the same merciless sun as their predecessors centuries ago. A milestone in Cuba´s history was the famous 1970 zafra, for which Fidel proclaimed to goal of 10million tons for which the entire country was activated. Cuba stayed short but the harvest made history. Nowadays outstanding sugarcane cutters are still being condecorated as sugarcane “millionaires”. This photo essay is meant to give a face to some of these men that usually are never seen. The pictures were taken in the eastern province of Camag├╝ey, in two different areas: one is the sugar factory and its sugarcane fields “Batalla de las Guasimas”, a historic sugarmill for being the first one built by the Cuban Revolution in 1979. The second is in and around the “Panama” sugar factory, near the village of Vertientes. The photos do not show only the macheteros, but also the workers in the factories.

None of the photos in this Essay was posed. All men and women were just standing like that when I told them to “freeze”. I did not tell them what to do, how or where to look. This way we obtain an intimate look into the faces and eyes that reflect the realities of these modern times heroes.

Preyer for the Dying

Some nasty little teenage blonde slut in Daisy Duke cut off shorts hit me in the head hard while walking by on the street this morning....I went looking for her (didnt want to start cursing while representing a company I cant mention here (my new job making $14.50 per day)...ended up at Senator's office and asking the receptionist to pass along a thought about the stupid anti bullying legislation...these kids dont give a shit...its full on clock work orange...and the ineternet is the only place to discuss the reality of the mess...soon they will handcuff anyone who rubs anyone wrong way with words...it will ironically end up being the worst pro bullying mentality....brb

How Bikram Yoga Made My Cancer Spread

For the past year and a half, along with my back broken, I tried to be a good neighbor to the downstairs unit by making an effort to remember how he politely complained that he could here ever step I took....this after 10 years of the cop before him who told me he couldnt hear a thing...anyway....I realize more than ever this week how Ive internalized that stressful recalibrating of how I walk at my ripe old age...i think it's been part of the reason my circulation seems to be waning...yet another example of the weight of overpopulation...there isnt enough room...thats why Obama amnestied/pardoned illegal entry...no one gives a shit about sharing...the fact is the resources are DEPLETED...I will never forget the way el presidente of a scorpion chapter pointed at MY childhood sanctuary forest and called it a waste of space. He didnt want to use it to be more firetrap homes, he wanted to build a gd sports arena with night lights. Ridiculous. Uneducated hypertestosterone syndrome Ill call it....translation, a mentality who's nature it is to rape the land as the only way his ignorant ass knows how to put to work his energies....IM only pushing the xenophobic/racist tome in reaction to bs way media overromanticizes an entire oeple as being worthy...fact is very few are special, worthy, colorless....most are animals and insects and behave as such...only after recognizing that fact could their be any hope for bettering....otherwise more bs breeds more bs literally...like rabbits uneducated people fuck...procreate...overpopulate.

People who dont have children should be given special recognition, in comparison to the bs way parents who really have little in common pretend theyre selfish needs to protect themslves for sake of their unwanted children isnt a burden on EVERUONE....too many diapers in the land fills and Im the bad guy...gimme a break..IM the hero and in the next week I will better explain why.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Opposite of Poverty is Justice

America must address the causes of poverty, "I think in America, the opposite of poverty is justice. I think there are structures and systems that have created poverty, and have made that poverty so permanent, that until we think in a more just way about how to deal with poverty in this country, we're never gonna make progress..." - Bryan Stevenson
When I heard this quote I immediately wanted to connect. I wanted to watch anything on youtube, read anything he's written...but very quickly I see its just another romanticizing african american activist who wants to pretend white man hasnt laughed at himself long enough, hasnt put himself down enough, hasnt self depricated enough in order to artificially offer support and instill confidence in...Obviously the Kennedies meant well when the fight for civil rights seemed more about a statement of human cruelty that the human race needed to rise above...but no one is more racist than stupid small minded poeple...obese, clueless, black people in my neighborhood dont want to see a semi pretty white woman do well, or even be her friend, they prefer to slum with other stupid poeple....because theyre black...For whatever reason Stevenson of course isn't able to see the bigger picture and confines his focus to simply race...as if the media has successfully convinced everyone that there are not large percentages of disgusting people of color...and I need to add here that there are also large numbers of disgusting white people...the point is that when "activists" at this point in history make their case, the generalizations are so absurd it's ridiculous...no matter what the color of skin..ignorance and stupidity still reigns...honestly...picture a nuclear reactor left unattended because of some man made catastrophe say....for decades we've hated and blamed white man for creating these horrible types of industries...rightly so? While the majority of people "of color" are too ignorant and selfish, frankly incapable of having any kind of discussion even about alternative energy....like a nuclear reactor surrounded by a few dozen teenagers, animals, without thumbs....only a matter of time before it blows etc....im just so sick and tired of the Opra school of empowerment mentality that PRETENDS all people have dignity and purpose....most people are the product of bored fucking and the day we start to admit that just a little bit, then problems get solved...just messing around with the ugly truth

My god i hate the way she says her name: Cah row leeeeeena....Lost train of thought, but basically the way Carolina Leid a reporter for Ch7 tonight aired a story about a school teacher that allegedly molested an 8 yr old girl in his class. To listen to Miss Carolina egg on her interviewees (all minority of course) sensationalizing the story for people, giving the ignoramuses the impression the court had already ruled...Lied ends up asking a parent of a classmate what she thinks..the woman gets all emotional, distraught talking about the new burden now on her shoulders from thinking about how she will explain to her 3rd grade daughter what her teacher is accused of doing BEFORE its even been decided! CREATED problem. Who does that to their own kid? A bad actress is all she is, maybe shes planning on suing school for traumatizing her kid probably...thats the trend...oh my god these people make me sick...talk about child molestation?  What kind of "mother" scares her kid before anything has bene determined? Kids make shit up...especially third graders...but thats not entertaining news for reporters like Carolina Leid who are probably sent out to look for as much senastionalism as possible...she even starts her piece with teh words "Yet another case of child molestation by a teacher, the 10th in just the past year..." I feel sickened when I hear the way she signs off too...pride my ass...

Rumor in Croton 3rd grade "Candy Man" story now is that the kid was changing her story so many times the police are now thinking she made it up...THAT should eb the news...why did we read Arthur Miller in school? Oh thats right, we used to. Now we send no english speaking majority to polytech institute...slavery prep schools...money money money...

Coast Guard was probably "distratcted" by dug smugglers, terrprist groups taing small bites, or teh coast guard themselves...could be anything but reporters decided its a new "trend" amongst teens called "swatting" they determine these things because they CREATE problems, just as they CREATE poverty...like an audience for their over paid asses to feel superior to...blah blah blah

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I just watched a Goya TV spot with an African American family of four....The strangest feeling came over me. It bothered me that I was compelled to understand if they were black or brown selling spanish company food in such a traditional wonder bread way....then I was pissed off....now...I am about to try to understand why. Why the angry reaction? I remembered back to childhood, and how if I had seen this commercial as a kid I wouldn't have noticed race at all. I would have probably wished I was tan and had the woman's lovely curls...frankly I woudl have noticed nothing else really..."What chya cooking mom?" lil boy asks. "Goya yellow rice. I'll have this ready by the time you set the...! Table." answers mom....SHit food, fake people of another color...its like all that is/was bad about white man is what the formerly known as the minorities now covet most. Their violence....see now that my adult life is coming to a close and how my impression of black people has been SLAPPED around, physically BEATEN UP by a certain backwardsness....over time...forces me to try to get the job as translator for any and ALL the multitude of morons black and white who resort to violent resolve....

People turn their lies into showbusiness nowadays....As a Royal babysitter I was begging New Line Fucking Cinema to let me crawl out of (what turned out to be) the start of my life's mess as far back as 1995. I argued with the lead singer of Spin Drs (outside my front door) about the value of reality tv because we had just watched the rebraodcast of An American Family in 1988 or 89...maybe it was 90....ok so fine...I never get to see my project thru...but to end up like this? I know it seems to people that things could obviously be much worse. At least I have some semblance of family....and not to sound ungrateful......but the entire point of ....everything I do in my life has turned into trying to get across the point that it only makes sense, that if someone throws a punch for no good reason I will flip them, and hold onto their wrists until they put it right...and will do so effortlessly.  BECAUSE THAT IS THE ENERGY FREE POWER OF THE WORD (for christ's sake). But stupid illiterate poeple, computer illiterate for sure people who are too lazy to inspire people to be better, create laws that will end up being a giant noose for everyone....I mean no disrespect to the Chinese when Im actually admiring how in the world a government manages 5 billion or so human beings across the world and never seeks out any recognition. So noble? Or just nature taking its course...little boys who grow up wanting to manufacture tin foil... for the people....The Asian Daniel Boone was probably many many famines and wars prior...I want to trhank my parents for bringing me into the world to see it well before able to see how we were destroying it...such a magical childhood.

I think bullshit when I hear people say they had to forgive otherwise it would defeat them too etc....what a cop out. The details of our lives are just as food....like a jigsaw puzzle....but everyone falls for the bs that time for parlor games comes after death....so they can remain slaves...as thats all they know anyway....freedom is free people are just too cowardly to be so anymore.

I just want to know wno named the kennedy family's dog Porcia. Then leave the whole thing alone. Forget lol. Ya right.


Cherries are in season, once again...and as usual I can't afford even a bag...I will probably find some way to scrounge together somehow at least a handful...but Imagine? If I say something liek that to someone who can afford to grab a couple of bags without a second thought, they will try to go over my budgeting skills with me....people are so ridiculous...just dont get it...I have a neighbor lady in building next door who lies awake at night worrying about the onc time every 3-5 years she finally finds dog crappings near her yard and so she can blame me...that is to say, when she's not telling people about Jesus her lord and savior. Below me, literally, I have this small subtly effeminate scottish man who was actaually sweeping the tiny amounts of dirt on his patio that may have fallen from my potted flowers...I was for the first time in years relaxing and gardening a little bit, untwisting the morning gloroes from growing on top of one another....so quietly focused, barely moving, sitting on a tiny stool...and suddenly I hear this doosh below me sweeping, while the rain is pouring down no less....what kind of man does that? Made me realize why I was so infatuated with the last one....a real man....even with his dumb moments...his manly priorities made me feel safe or something....hard to explain...but he made me realize what a bunch of pussy men Im surrounded by.....who the fuck marries a woman who supposedly gives him a black eye for talking to a previous wife he has kids with? What kind of sinister blackmailing, mind game playing society do we have? Remember that old movie The Suicide Club? It was a girl named Nicole Kennedy who told me about it in 1993...right Nicle? Or was it your bff visiting from Florida? But bothe of you were like "Omg..u havent seen it?"

We kill each other...saying it doesnt fix it....this is the source of any person's depression...If I allow myself a tiny bit of hope that maybe I could instantly fix my financial problems and dream up 100 more great ideas for other people to buy homes on....it will only keep getting worse....because people, even fkn Bikram, are too stupid....to just Let it Be....to have just let it be....if I say my knee comes apart without even walking...on it's own...this makes Bikram feel vindictaed....because human beings shouldnt be allowed to compalin when theyre being unjustly mentally toryred? RIGHT JANE KARTSCH YOU GODDAM SHIT KUNT OF A HUMAN BEING? Will Cybe bully law have a grandfather claus? Thats what Im going for...one more week of being FREE to speak mind....fuck all of you. I want o post this photo I took of myself with Brian Ross last night but I look so shockingly fat...I dont want to be seen this way...I dont want to leave house anymore...as if there is no point...as if dangerous....I look like Im begging for mercy..crazed eyes...sucky skin...fat fat fat....so sad when I smile u can almost see a little bit of once was pretty....but there's no point....I cant afford cherries....who the fuck kill's themselves when they got to have babies? Mayeb the babies turned out to be horrible little robots too....